How To Become A Doctor

Medicine has many areas of specialization wherein an aspiring doctor may choose one area of expertise and one sub-specialty field.As there are many different types of doctor, there too are different types of medical courses that cater to their education; but it depends on the school and state they’re in.
But despite the liberty of being able to choose a particular field, certain requirements must be fulfilled  first.  Monetary resources should also be good because studying this profession will certainly require a lot to complete.

To become a U.S doctor, one must possess not only the knowledge to be one, but most importantly the passion and the determination to study for longer years.

Unlike other professions which only take about 2 to 4 years of college education, becoming a doctor usually requires 11-15 years of study and training before completion.  

It usually takes four years to finish a pre-medical degree, another four years to finish Medical College and 3 to 7 years of internship practice or residency – and that’s only when one will finish college religiously without stopping for a couple of semesters.

There are several medical fields that a person can practice in the U.S. But first, one must acquire a medical license to be able to practice a Medical Profession.

Step by step Requirements to become a fully pledged U.S Doctor:

1. High school diploma or a GED credential / certificate. We can tell you the requirements needed to progress on the journey to becoming a doctor.

2. Be a graduate of a 4 year degree from a college or university with a pre-medical track course. Let us help you choose the correct degree to give you an advantage when moving on to doctor medical school.

3. Pass the Medical College Admission test or the MCAT test. Go into your MCAT test knowing what to expect. Detailed info here

4. Graduate from a Medical School. We have details of all the top medical schools across the U.S. These will help you choose where best to study to become a doctor.

5. Complete 3 to 7 years of medical residency (depending on the state you’re in). The time in medical residency will vary depending on what type of doctor you wish to be a specialist. 

6. Pass the board examination to acquire Medical License to practice being a doctor.

Once you have passed this exam you are free to legally practice in your field.

Throughout this website you will find thorough and detailed information about all of the aspects of becoming a doctor.

If there is any information about becoming a doctor which you cannot find. Just get in touch via the contact us page and we will endeavor to get the it published.

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